Cute Cartoon Eggshell Cleaning Brush


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When washing dishes, it's important to have a dishwashing brush that allows you to comfortably clean food, oil, and burnt-on crumbs without damaging the dishes. Our cute cartoon eggshell cleaning brush removes stains well and does no damage to pots and pans. And the cute eggshell shape adds a touch of joie de vivre to the kitchen.🐣

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Cute Cartoon Eggshell Cleaning Brush With Base Multi-purpose Kitchen Supplies for Cooktop Tile Sink Pan Cleaning

🐥 Features 

1.It is made of high-quality PP and fiber cleaning ball, durable and not easy to rust, and the front surface is long.
2.Fiber material, effective decontamination, no damage to pots and pans. It can be used to clean bowls, pots, stoves, cutting boards, etc. It is a good helper for kitchen cleaning.
3.The cute eggshell shape adds a touch of life joy to the kitchen.
4.Detachable design, easy to replace, and reusable. It's small and doesn't take up space.
5.It is easy to clean, and it is clean after flushing, saving time and effort.


Material: PP+Fiber cleaning ball
Quantity: 1 eggshell chicken handle + 5 cleaning balls
Color: yellow
Eggshell size: 4.7 *2.8 inches
Cleaning ball size: 0.79 * 1.57 inches
Features: cute shape, strong decontamination, multi-purpose; fiber ball brush, durable and rust-free; rich bubbles, experience efficient cleaning; removable, easy to replace; a flush is clean, oil-resistant easy to clean;

🐥Package Contains

1 X Cleaning Brush
5 X Cleaning balls