2x Deburring External Chamfer Tool


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2x Deburring External Chamfer Tool Stainless Steel Remove Burr Tools Drill Bit

⚡Deburring External Chamfer Tool⚡ 

【High Efficiency】

Triangle Shank deburring tool can be tightly connected to almost all kinds of chuck drills. Three sharp shaving teeth can cut bolts layer by layer without sparks and hurting your hands, which quickly repair damaged bolts, easily remove external burrs and tighten nuts.

【Easy To Use & Super Convenient】

With this tool, you will no need to spend time and money to find hard-to-find or expensive replacement bolts. Simply connect the deburring tool to the drill bit. Secondly, use the lowest speed on the drill bit, and then slightly applying pressure to remove the burr so you can easily screw nuts on the bolt.

【High Quality & Durable】

Made of extremely hard stainless steel, deburring external chamfer tool is a feature with strong strong cutting and repairing capabilities, excellent heat resistance, durability, impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant. strong cutting and repairing capabilities.

【Wide Application】

Can be used in various types of material such as Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic.


Main Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver

【Package Include】

2 x Deburring External Chamfer Tool