5KG/1G Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Diet Scale


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High Accuracy Digital Kitchen Scale- Multifunction Food Weight Scale for Baking And Cooking with Wide Stainless Steel Platform LCD Display 

⚡Digital Food Diet Scale


Our digital kitchen scale is built-in with a high-precision strain sensor system, providing you with an accurate weight of 11 LBS /5 kg capacity, 0.1 oz /1 g partition. You always get the right amount of food, jewelry and medicine,


It is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is easy to clean and has dustproof, anti-corrosion, sterilization and other functions, to protect the surface from damage, avoid black or lose luster, extend the working life.

【A Variety of Units

If you want to change ounces/grams/milliliters/pounds there are four units that can be converted from one to the other to meet a variety of production requirements.


Meet your demand of measuring different things. such as food for baking and cooking , medicine, jewelry and so on.

【Strengths 】

⚡ High accuracy

⚡ Easy to use and clean

⚡ Suitable for baking and cooking 


What You Get

1 x Digital Food Diet Scale 


0.5" total thickness
waterproof surface
Easy to clean stainless steel weighing surface
Multiple weighing modes (grams, pounds & ounces, milliliter, ounces)
Water volume measurement (ml)
Back-lit display
Tare function
Over-load indicator
Auto power off

LCD Screen Size: (1.54 x 0.63)inch / (3.9 x 1.6)cm (L x W)
Dimensions: (7.05 x 5.47 x 0.55)inch / (17.9 x 13.9 x 1.4)cm (L x W x H)
Package Size: (8.15 x 5.47 x 1.18)inch / (20.7 x 13.9 x 1.4)cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 10.97oz / 311g   


The surface of the scale is covered with blue film when the goods are received. When blue film is torn off, you can see the true color of the digital scale.

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