Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catcher Filter Waterproof Stickers


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Disposable hair catchers have a better shower in sanitary and convenient to clean drainer and solution to stop shower drain clogs. Cleaning the shower drain from clogging with hairs and more in less than a few seconds per week. 

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Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catcher Filter Waterproof Stickers, for Bathroom or Kitchen


The product is a simple, convenient and efficient drainage solution to prevent clogging. Simply install or peel off(when it was covered)This means you can keep clean and hygiene at any time.


This product uses strong waterproof glue and non-woven fabric to ensure stability on the wet floor instead of sliding.


With the product, you can protect the drain from clogging,making your pipe clean and unblocked.


[3.93 x 3.93 inch] round drain stickers fit most shower drains or bathtubs or kitchen sinks. Two pore sizes are staggered. Different pore sizes can effectively intercept fine hair or residue without affecting the drainage speed.


A few pieces of inexpensive filter stickers can be applied to washbasins, bathtubs, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Use method.

1. Dry the floor drain and the edge of the water stains.
2. Peel off the back of the sticker and stick it firmly on the surface of the floor drain.
3. Remove and discard after use.

Note: Be sure to dry the water stains on the surface of the floor drain before sticking, and when replacing it, please remove it in a wet state to avoid affecting the use effect.

Product specifications

Style: White with large holes
Name: Disposable floor drain strainer
Material: non-woven, release paper, hot-melt adhesive
Quantity: one set/2pack (total 30 pieces)
Product size: 5.9*5.9 inch/15*15CM

Package includes

30*Disposable Drain Hair Catcher