2 pcs of DIY Christmas Embroidery kit


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The Christmas patterns are carefully designed, added with 3D embroidery methods and materials, so you can finish a fine embroidery craft to commemorate Christmas.

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2 pcs of DIY Christmas Embroidery kit with Patterns and Instructions, DIY Adult Cross Stitch Kits


[How to use]

The embroidery ring has brass adjusting screws, which can be tightened to tighten the fabric if necessary. Comparing the printed patterns and detailed English instructions to operate, it is easy for embroidering beginners and adult children.

[Production process]

Open the material package, loosen the garland screws and put the inner ring under the fabric, and put the outer ring on top of the fabric, then buckle the fabric and tighten the screws. According to the English drawing instructions, the thread number and stitch method are combined to make. easy and convenient


The pattern on the cloth is water-soluble and will disappear when exposed to water, so please do not touch water or ironing water before completing the embroidery pattern. The patterns on the fabric will be of great help to beginners

[Use of decorations and gifts]

The traditional DIY embroidery craft is a bridge to communicate with family and friends. Embroidery adds more artistic flavor to the living room, bedroom and office. At the same time, they can be displayed as excellent and exquisite decorations. Also can be given as a gift to your family or friends, which will be a meaningful kit.

Product Specifications

Style: Christmas Snowman + Christmas Garland
Material: Cotton linen
Quantity:One set/2pcs
Fabric size: 11.8*11.8 inches/30*30CM
Embroidery bandage size: 7.9*7.9 inches/30*30CM


As the embroidery fabric is a solid color fabric, it is recommended to wash your hands well before embroidering. Soak in water for about 10 minutes after the embroidery is finished to make the topstitching disappear, do not get wet before the embroidery is finished, otherwise, the pattern will disappear.

Package includes

2*DIY Christmas Embroidery kit