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12" Danish Dough Stainless Steel Wire Whisk - Mixer Artisan Bread Mixing

Food-grade and durable stainless steel

Danish mixing heads are made of food-grade stainless steel, allowing safe direct food contact. The dough mixer is lightweight and easy to use, and the dough does not stick to the blade during mixing, thereby saving valuable dough and drains. The 10-inch handle is Rubberwood, has a beautiful smooth finish, and just the right size. Don't expect the dough whisk stainless steel to break anytime soon, dutch whisk bread hook will last a long time with your bread-making utensils.

Great Bread Mixing Tool

Use bread whisk as bread spoon for mixing bread dough, cookie dough, sourdough bread, quick bread, ciabatta bread, cornbread, pancakes, french bread, biscuits, starters, or as einkorn kneading tool and more.


Easy To Clean

So much easier to clean than a traditional whisk, regular wooden spoon, and more. The dough doesn’t just clump up around the bread dough whisk because the open dutch dough hook design makes it easy to clean. Simply run the wires under hot water directly after use to remove doughy residue or hand wash in warm, soapy water.


Easy To Use

Good grip and easy to use for baking -- makes folding and mixing all ingredients much easier. Even easier to clean by just rinsing the danish dough whisks metal part with cold water. No need to use the dough mixer with these.


Gifts For Bakers

Bakers Love This Hand Dough Mixer So much that they purchase another baking whisk for friends who want to start baking bread as they do. You'll wonder why you didn't get it earlier, even if it's your first time ever using this dutch dough whisk. You'll use a dutch dough whisk every day and make more bread now that you have the right bread kneading tool.


Product Details

Product name: Dough Mixer
Material: stainless steel + rubberwood


What you Got

1* Dough Whisk


Why choose a Danish dough mixer?
The benefits are as follows:

Using food-grade and durable stainless steel-Danish dough mixing head is made of food-grade stainless steel, which can directly contact food safely. The dough mixer is lightweight and easy to use, and the dough does not stick to the blade during mixing, thereby saving valuable dough and drains.

Blender for Danish stainless steel for bread making-kitchen-grade hand-held blender and blender for baking cakes, desserts, sourdough, pizza, pastries-including dough scraper.

Mixing fast and easy. While we making pasta food, we usually add water and other ingredients in the flour to mix them, professional-grade stainless steel metal head is about 3.5 inches long, which maximizes contact with dough or batter without clumping or sticking like a spoon or spatula. Our 3mm thick mixer can thoroughly mix the dough, which is 3 times faster than traditional old tools. So our dough whisk is the best choice for you, you can do this thing easily and save your power and time.

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