DualShock 4 Wireless Controller


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PS4 Wireless Controller Bluetooth Gamepad for Dualshock Playstation 4 Touch Panel with Dual Vibration, Instant Sharing

⚡DualShock 4 Wireless Controller⚡


The basic concept and design concept of the wireless controller, add a variety of functions to enjoy the game comfortably. The highly sensitive six-axis detection system and the intuitive operation of the touchpad on the front of the controller will bring a rich game experience. 

Precision Control offering players absolute control over all of their games.

Wireless Gaming Controller is fast Bluetooth pairing and ergonomic grip design for full enjoyment of the game, compatible with PS4/PS4 PRO/PS4.

Light Bars

Above the wireless controller, Adding an ability to display a variety of color light bars. When multiple players play, the color of the light bar will be linked to the color of the characters in the game, so that you can easily identify the characters you control. The color change of the light bar can also indicate the physical strength or damage of the character, and the application methods can visually distinguish various game information.

A Stereo Headphone/Microphone Connector

The PS4 DualShock wireless controller also has a stereo headphone/microphone connector. PS4 users will be able to enjoy high-pitched game effects from their controllers as well as from their TV speakers. When you play the connected games, you just need to use the PS4 wireless controller and the monophonic headset microphone set attached to the PS4 to have a conversation with your playing companions, providing more fun of the game.

Options Button

On the front of the DualShock wireless controller, there's a new "OPTIONS button" that combines the functions of the "SELECT" and "START" buttons on the controller, and a "SHARE button" that expands the fun of the game experience. Each user can use the "SHARE" button to easily connect to live streaming platforms like Ustream and broadcast the game to their friends.


In addition, the PS4 will also record the whole journey when playing the game, so users don't need to worry about missing any wonderful moments. With a simple button operation, they can upload the play video to share with their friends on Facebook. It's easy to share videos without having to use a PC to change the format.

Battery and Charging

Built-in rechargeable 600mAh lithium battery, you can get your controller charged by the included USB cable plugged into your PS4 console or any standard USB charging port.

When the PS4 goes into standby mode, you can use a special charger to charge the PS4 handle and charge the charger of your smartphone and other devices.

Package includes

1 * Wireless Controller 

1 * USB cable


⚡ Easy to use

⚡Portable and convenient

⚡ Precision Control

⚡ Suitable for the game players


Material: ABS
Battery: Polymer lithium battery
Capacity: 600mah
Application: For PS4/PS3/Windows PC
Connection for PS4: Wireless or wired way
Connection for PC/PS3: The only wired way
1. Connect this controller to a PS3 console or a PC via the USB cable as a wired controller to be used. A PS4 driver is required to be installed when it's connected to the PC.
2. 6-axis motion sensing function and vibration function isn't supported when the controller is connected to a PS3 console or a PC.
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium
Input power: DC 5V/800mA
Battery: 600mAh

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