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Hepa Filter For Dyson TP01 TP02 TP03 BP01 Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier AM11

⚡Dyson Air Purifier Filter⚡

【Formaldehyde Removal Technology】

Combining imported cold catalyst, alumina and activated carbon together, the first two are absorbed and then decomposed, which breaks the traditional shortcomings of relying only on activated carbon for adsorption. Once activated carbon is saturated, it will volatilize an acidic odor.

【Silver Ion Coating】

A nano-silver coating is added to the outside of the high-efficiency material, which can slowly release silver ions without photocatalysis, and can resist harmful substances for a long time through physical means.

【Nano Coconut Shell Activated Carbon】

This product uses activated carbon with a pore size of less than 2nm. The specific surface area of ​​the micropores in activated carbon accounts for more than 95% of its specific surface area, which is currently the activated carbon with the largest adsorption capacity.

【Compatible Models】

This spare filter is compatible with Dyson TP00, TP01, TP02, TP03, AM11, BP01 (please confirm the filter size before purchasing to ensure that it is suitable for air purifiers).


Quantity: 1
Material: filter cotton
Color: white + green

【Package Included】

1 *Hepa filter