Ear Stretching Kit double O-ring Perforated Jewelry


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40PCS Acrylic Ear Stretching Gauge Kit Taper Tunnel Plug 14G-00G Piercing Set USnd cube

⚡Ear Stretching Kit double O-ring Perforated Jewelry⚡

【Plug Design】

The plug has almost no indentation, so the O-ring is not easy to fall off, the taper is made of acrylic, and is equipped with 2 O-rings to hold it in place


High-quality acrylic and silicone, non-toxic and non-allergic. It is lightweight, very flexible, and 100% safe and healthy when worn. Acrylic provides a light, smooth and comfortable surface. Perfect choice for those who are allergic to metals.


The highly polished smooth acrylic surface is very comfortable and prevents damage and irritating perforations, making it ideal for daily use

【Absolute Value】

Two styles of acrylic sharp conical ear reamer and UV short ear reamer.Thesizeincludes14G00G(0.06/0.08/0.1/0.12/0.16/0.2/0.24/0.31/0.39inch) 36PCS type is a sharp cone + UV segment in each package of each size (two) (total 36 pieces) + 4 kinds of snails packed in each size OPP bag (40 bags per bag)


Unit weight: 36g
Material: Acrylic
Colour: Black

【Product Includes】

1*Ear Extension Set