8-Bay Battery Charger for AA AAA NIMH NICD Rechargeable Batteries


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Safe against overvoltage, intelligent charging protection


This 8-bay battery charger is made of advanced fire-proof material, and it allows you to freely charge 2/4/6/8 AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.

Safe charging design

This 8-bay battery charger is designed to charge batteries with constant current, which will protect the batteries against current fluctuation. Safer for batteries and the charger itself.

certified by ETL

This 8-bay battery charger is certified by ETL, proof that meets North American safety standards.

Intelligent protection system

This 8-bay battery charger is controlled by MCU, which can automatically cut off when detecting improper input voltage, short circuit, defective or non-rechargeable batteries. And it also adopted the intellectual cut-off charging method, which will automatically turn to trickle charge, and which will definitely prevent the batteries from over-voltage, over-current, or over-heat.

Package Included: (The batteries are not included.)
1 x 8-Bay Battery Charger
1 x Power Cable Adapter

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