EBL 2PCS AA Size 14250 ER14250 3.6 Volt Lithium Batteries


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EBL 2PCS AA Size 14250 ER14250 3.6 Volt Lithium Batteries, 1200mAh High Capacity Batteries for Dog Collars and Baby Movement Monitor Alarm Systems and More

AA 14250 Lithium Batteries  

【 10 Year Shelf Life 】

Yearly self-discharge less than 1%, can be stored up to 10 years, store the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area.

【Great Protection and Non-Leakage】

EBL batteries provide excellent anti-leakage performance during storage and over-discharge use, provide superior protection for you and your devices.

【Eco-friendly and Safe】

Does not contain any Hg/Cd/Ph, harmless to the environment.

Safe and reliable, The batteries are produced according to with the IEC standard, can give optimum performance at temperatures as low as -55 ° C or as high as 85 ° C.

【Compatible with】

Compatible with dog collars and electric meters, Home security systems, baby movement monitors, etc.

【Replacement For】

1770-XZ, 3B26, 418-0076, 60-0576-100, 6ES5-980-0MA11, 742-0011, 922-1262, ER3, ER3S, ER4, LS14250, LS3, T04/41, T04/51, TL-2150, TL-2150/S, TL-2151, TL-5101, TL-5112, TL-5151, TL-5151S, TL2150, TL2151, TL5101, TL5112, TL5151, TL5151S, VL1/2AA, 1771-DB Series, 1772-LW Series B, 1772-LW Series C, 1772-LW Series D, 1772-LWP Series B, 1772-LWP Series C, 1772-LWP Series D, 1772-LX Series A, 1772-LX Series C, 1772-LX Series D, B-2/17 Series, C-2/16, C-2/17 Series, D-2/16, D-2/17 Series, MINI-PLC-2/16, MINI-PLC-2/17, 1772-LXP Series B, 1772-LXP Series C, 1772-LXP Series D, 1772-LZ, 1772-LZP, 1770-XZ.

【 What You Get 】

4 packs AAA Lithium Battery 

【Specification 】

Battery Size: AA Lithium Battery 
Manufacturer: EBL 
Weight: 40g
Voltage: 3.6V 
Battery Technology: Lithium
Colour: White and blue
Pack Size: 4
Product Type: Batteries 
Rechargeable Y/N: No

【 Caution 】

Do not recharge or force-discharge the battery.
Take out of the battery from the instrument if the on-load voltage of battery is less than 2V.
Take out the battery and keep it under the condition of normal temperature and low humidity when the battery is not used in a long time.
Clean the battery with dry cloth before use if the connection of the battery is dirty.