Elastic Fresh Keeping Bags 100Pcs


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These reusable elastic covers are made of food-grade transparent clean PE. When you are setting up a picnic or outdoor family meal, they keep pesky bugs off of your food. And they make clean up and storage easy after the party! 

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Elastic Fresh Keeping Bags, Stretch Plastic Wrap Bowl Covers Alternative to Foil

[Safety material]

These reusable elastic cling films are made of transparent and clean PE, safe to use, not easy to tear, and durable.

[Convenient transparent color]

The transparent color allows you to see the items under the lid without removing the lid, allowing you to check food quickly and easily. Save a lot of mother's time.

[Easy to use]

The elastic cling film has an elastic band, which can be stretched to the appropriate size for your container, which is very convenient. And it can be reused, saving you time and effort.

[Suitable for various shapes]

The elastic cling film can be adjusted in size within a certain range to adapt to food storage containers such as round, oval, and square bowls.

[Clean and tidy]

The cute bear packing bag plays a good role in dust prevention. Not only is it convenient to travel and carry, it also helps to save space. Exquisite products are perfect gifts for family and friends.

Product Specifications

Material: PE
Quantity: 1 package (100 / 1 package)
Color: transparent

Package includes

100*Elastic Fresh Keeping Bags