Electric Fuel Pump Kit


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Universal Electric Low Fuel Pump Carburetor 12V 5-9 PSI E8012S Gas Diesel Inline

⚡Electric Fuel Pump Kit⚡

Fuse Specifications

12 amps; cross reference: E8012S, EP12S, FD0002, P60430, 6414671

Fuel Pump Device

This universal 12-volt electric fuel pump can be used as a booster, a backup unit or a completely independent fuel pump device.

Easy to Install

It has a two-wire design and can be installed anywhere.

Pressure Voltage

Output pressure: 2.5-4PSI, input voltage: 12 V

Cross Reference

E8012S, FD0002, P60430, EP12S, 6414671


pump E8012S
Voltage: 12 (V)
Current: 1.0-1.3A
Color: silver
line length :4.72inch
fuel pump size:4.92*1.85inch
Type: Low-pressure oil pump

Applicable models: General

Product Contains

1 * Electric Fuel Pump Kit