POWERADD EnergyCell 26800 Power bank


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POWERADD EnergyCell 26800 Power bank, High-Speed Charging Portable Charger with 3-in-1 cable, Compatible for iPhone 11 XS X 8 Plus Samsung S10 Google LG iPad and More

Battery cell: lithium LG 21700 4600mAh*6=27600mAh, standard capacity :26800mAh,Micro input :5V/ 2.1a *2 total5V/ 4.2a (MAX), USB output :5V/ 3A*3 total5V/6A

Lithium LG 21700 cell, Micro input :5V/ 2.1a *2 total5V/ 4.2a (MAX), USB output :5V/ 3A*3 total5V/6A

3-in-1 charging cable, instruction manual, customized bookmark thank you card, storage bag

Product weight: 568.00g

Max side length: 200.00mm

middle side length :95.00mm

The minimum length :30mm

2.4A input continuous charging MICRO rubber core temperature will be too high, so the change information is as follows: MICRO input 5V/ 2.1a *2 total 5V/ 4.2a (MAX)

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