VF3500 Replacement Filter


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VF3500 Filter Replacement Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner For Ridgid 3500 3-4.5 Gallon

⚡VF3500 Filter⚡

【Pleated Greaten Design】

Can capture 99% of all particles 1/2 micron in size and larger. Allow the filter to have more surface area in a confined space improving airflow and reduce clogging.

【Sturdy 3 Layer Material】

Perfect for improving your health and the look of your living or work area with this Filter. Perfect for collecting everyday dirt, drywall dust, cement dust, and sawdust.

【Washable And Reusable】

The pleated paper filters are fully washable and reusable if dried properly. You can wash your rigid portable vac 4-gallon filter after use and reuse it, Recommends gently rinsing the filter with water and letting it air dry completely before reinstalling for use.

【Easy To Install】

The fastening system makes your filter installed or removed quickly, easy and secure, no tools or hardware needed.


Fits Ridgid VF3500 3-layer filter, compatible with 3 TO 4.5 GALLON VACUUMS: WD3050, WD4070, WD4080, WD4522, 4000RV, 4500RV.


Color: Blue and black
Size: Outside Diameter: 6.7 Inch
        Inside Diameter: 4.23 Inch
        Height: 5 inch


With using, your filter may become clogged with dirt and debris, and your vacuum performance and airflow may suffer. To get optimal performance out of your vac, it's better to replace the filter at least twice a year with average use.


1 *  replacement  Filter