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Back Posture Corrector Shoulder Straight Support Brace Belt Therapy Men Women

⚡Posture Corrector

Designed to reduce pressure on the spine and upper back pains.
Correct sloughing and bad posture. Build a good posture.
Treats neck pain, Lessens Tension Headaches, and Reduces Forward Head Syndrome.
Adjustable Strap: Adjustable to your level of compression.
Breathable, Comfortable, Lightweight and can be worn under or over clothes without sweating.

【Put on the brace】 

Step 1 Place posture corrector brace, it is in a "Figure 8 shaped"
Step 2 Slip the brace on like you would put on a backpack. The triangle buckle should point down once the brace is on your back.
Step 3 To Adjust the fit, undo the closures, and pull the straps tighter until your desired level of posture support is reached.
Step 4 You should feel your shoulders being gently pulled back. If you experience any pain or discomfort, lose the straps.


Type: Posture Corrector
Material: Neoprene, Elastic, Mesh cloth
Color: Black
Product actual size: 20*13*3
Adult one size can be adjusted (bust 21-48)


1 x Posture Corrector