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UV Smartphone Sterilization Box With Wireless Phone Charger - Portable UV Sterilization Box

Product description

Multifunction UV Sanitizer - This UV cell phone sanitizer is a convenient and safe way to sterilize your phones. No liquids, heat, or chemicals are needed. Sanitize your everyday accessories - phones, headphones, jewelry, etc.
2-in-1 Cleaner & Charger - Wireless charging – For a completely clean and fully charged smartphone.
Compact - User-friendly - Lightweight - UV light disinfection process takes only 15 minutes.
Safe to Use - Safety sensor switches off the Sanitizer when the lid is open; No mercury or chemicals.

Product details

MICRO input: adapter can not be lower than 5V/2A,
USB output: 5V/2A (independent output),
Wireless output: 5V/1A/5W,
UV lamp power:3W,
Operating current 550-600mA
Size: 8.19*4.17*1.02 inches

Package included

1*UV cell phone sanitizer
1*micro data cable