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Brass Connector

Product Features:
2 Way Hose Splitter: Converts a single water outlet into 2 ways, very convenient for you to control the work in different places at the same time.
High Quality: Made of high quality heavy duty brass materials, solid and durable, corrosion proof and has a long service time.
Individually Controlled: All the hose connector can be turned on or off individually and adjustable flow control, so you can use one or others according to your need.
Completely Leak-tight: Garden hose connector are equipped with high quality ball valves for tight closure. Garden hose separator effectively prevents any leakage or dripping.
Individual on/off valves for each hose

Please choose the correct hose size.
To prevent leakage, make sure the connector has rubber ring.
When the weather gets cold, be sure to remove the hose splitter from the faucet.
If water leaks after a long period of use, please replace with a new washer.
Always disconnect the accessory when finished using it.
Do not leave the fitting unattended or under pressure when not in use.
Package Include:
1 x Garden Hose


Plastic Connector 

Product Specifications

2 way: lawn and garden hose repair
Qty: 2 Pack

Product Features

On/Off Valve Switch
Impact resistant plastic body
Mender fits 3/4” hose

Package Include

2 * Hose Splitter


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