Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel
Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel
Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel
Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel
Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel
Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel
Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel

Grecell 100W Portable Solar Panel


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Solar Cell: Monocrystalline Silicon Cell
Cell Efficiency: 23.5%
Maximum Power: 100W
Maximum Voltage: 20 Volts
Power Voltage/Power Current: 20V/5A
Open Circuit Voltage/Short Circuit Current: 23.85V/5.25 A
Output: 12V-20V
Connector Type: MC4
Folded/Unfolded Dimensions 25.2*21.1*2.5in/50.5*21.1*0.2in
Weight:  4.67kg/10.3lbs
Operating/Storage Temperature:  14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)


Download Manual (PDF)

How to connect solar panels

5 Port Outputs Meet Most of Your Demands

MC-4 to Anderson Cable for Jackery Explorer 1000, ROCKPALS 300W, Ecoflow, and other solar generators.

MC-4 to DC 5.5*2.1mm Cable for Rockpals 250W/350W/500W, FlashFish 200W/300W, PAXCESS ROCKMAN 200/300W/500W, PRYMAX 300W/SinKeu HP100 portable generator.

DC 5.5*2.5mm Adapter for Suaoki 400wh portable generator, GRECELL 300W power station

DC 7.9*0.9/8mm Adapter for Jackery Explorer 160/240/300/500/1000, Goal Zero Yeti 160/240/300, BALDR 200/330W, Anker 521 Power Station,BLUETTI EB 240.

DC 3.5*1.5mm Adapter for Suaoki S270, ENKEEO S155, Paxcess 100W, Aiper 150W, JOYZIS, MARBERO portable generator.

You can also buy an MC-4 to charge controller cable, a charge controller, a charge controller to Alligator clip cable separately, connecting them with our Solar Panel to provide endless power for 12-volt batteries (AGM, LiFePo4, lead-acid, gel, lithium, deep cycle batteries) of cars, boats, ships, trailers, and RVs.

How to connect solar panels

SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY--How to Build the Series or Parallel Connection?

A single 100W solar panel is great for small device charging. With a professional parallel connector, you can also parallel 2 GRECELL100W solar panels to get more output power to recharge the high-capacity power stations faster.

The solar panel is equipped with PV-rated, output MC-4 cables. The Positive connector is a male connector and the negative connector is a female connector, these wires by themselves are rated for series connections.

When the solar panels are connected in series (+ connected to -, + connected to-), the voltage is added;

when the solar panels are connected in parallel (+ connected to +,-connected to -), the current is added.

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