4 Pcs Sports Hairband Headband


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Consider using these sports headbands if you work out regularly and need a headband to keep bangs or loose hair pulled back. These fit snugly around your head, so you can work out without interruption.

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Sports Hairband Headband, Men's and Women's Universal Headbands, Workout Accessories Sweat Band

✔ Specially Blended Materials provide All Grip

The Sweatband stays comfortably on your head so you can focus on whatever you’re doing - Assisting to your better performance.

✔ Stretchy, breathable material

Fit virtually every head size and shape, absorbs & Evaporates Sweat 8 times Faster than an average Cotton Sweatband.

✔ Super slim & Lightweight

Perfect to be worn under hats, football helmets, hard hats, and visors

✔ Two different thicknesses designed

(0.7mm for Black & Gray; 0.5mm for Green & Blue) - Applicable to various activities - they will keep ears warm during the cold or Wick sweat away during Warmer climates.

✔ Great indoors and Outdoors

Unisex Headbands for Women & Guys - Wideband is great for activities such as Bike, Training, Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, Cycling, Spinning, MMA, Skiing, and Gym Workout.

Product specification

Name: 1952 headband
Material: polyester fiber
Size: 5.12*9.06 inches
Color: black + gray + blue + green
Quantity: 1 set (4 pieces)
Function description: moisture-wicking, quick-dry, breathable



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