Halloween Scar Tattoos Waterproof 5pcs


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As Halloween approaches, everyone dresses up in scary looks during this time.
If you don't have anything, in particular, you want to do this year, then you might as well simply embrace the spirit of Halloween! You can get into that spirit by getting some DIY Halloween tattoos on yourself, and you can make it as spooky as you want. There are endless possibilities and you can make it as spooky as you want!
There are endless possibilities and you may not know where to start. Luckily, I've gathered some of the best DIY Halloween tattoo stickers to get you started on your own tattoo adventure!

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Halloween Scar Tattoos, 5 Sheets 3D Waterproof Horror Realistic Fake Blood Wound Temporary Tattoos Zombie Makeup Kit, for Adults Kids Halloween Cosplay Party


Halloween bloody tattoo looks natural and realistic, you will feel as if they are really on the skin, a great trick to astonish and scare your friends, this Halloween temporary wound stickers could last 2-7 days according to the position you stick it.


5 sheets of Halloween tattoos, Each sheet is approx 4.7*7.4 inches, realistic and gory variety of styles for whatever you need. Scab, stitches, wounds, 3d scars and blood, bite marks and more, providing various feelings and surprises to the users; You can attach to the waist, chest, neck, arms, back, legs, bikini, paste to any body parts as you like.


Cut out the piece you wish to apply. Press it on clean, dry skin. Put water on the back, wait for a few seconds and peel off the soaked paper. Beware that they work best on skin that doesn't stretch. Remove with alcohol, body oil. Just apply the oil to the tattoo and rub it off, so easy to do that.


Waterproof and long-lasting, realistic zombie scars tattoos stayed on your skin for a few days, such great accessories to match your Halloween party costume, horror theme party, carnivals, trick or treaters, a fun Halloween gift to cosplay zombie or killer clown, etc.


Name: Halloween tattoo stickers
Process: water transfer printing
Applicable age: more than 3 years old
Specifications: single sheet 4.7*7.4 inch
permanence: 2-7 days.
Wrist back of the fingers and other easy to fall off 1-2 days; hairy not smooth skin difficult to stick.


5* Halloween temporary tattoos stickers