Three Gears Anion Filterable Handheld Shower Heads


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The Three Gears Anion Handheld Shower Heads with 300% High Turbo Pressure and 40% Water Saving and Laser Ionic 3 Filters

       ⚡Handheld Shower Heads

【 Filterable】


Purifies shower water,clean the water for skin,make the hair shiny and smooth.


Easy to be absorbed by skin,water molecules into small molecules,relieve fatique and promote metabolism.



Mode to adjust the water flow like rain drops. Spray a soft touch stronger than ever. Can be used as Overhead or Handheld shower. There are three gears you can adjust.


【 Jetting】

Jetting mode to clear forest in the middle.


【 Massage】

Mode for those who want to relax in a private home spa. And soothe tired from work, revitalizes the senses, relieves stress and improves mood and sleep quality.

【High Pressure Flow】

With 300% high turbo pressure and 40% water saving. 


【 Install】

Easy to Install. It is Detachable and Adjustable.

【 Type】

Shower Head with Filter Beads (or Just Filter Beads As Your Choice)

【 What You Get 】

1 x Shower Head with Filter Beads


【 Strengths 】

⚡Best Handheld Shower Heads

⚡Rain Handheld Shower Heads

⚡Filterable Handheld Shower Heads

⚡Three Gears Anion Handheld Shower Heads



⚡Features: 3-Spray Pattern

⚡Item Length: 23cm

⚡Head Width: 8cm

⚡Handle Width: 1.8cm

⚡Material:: Chrome

⚡Pattern: Solid

⚡Style: Modern

⚡Type: Rain Shower Heads