2Pcs Handlebar Bike Mirror


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Biking is a lot of fun—except when you are constantly looking over your shoulder to monitor the traffic behind you. This can be a distraction. With a high-quality bike mirror, you’ll know what is following you. All it takes is a momentary glimpse. These bike mirrors will give you a carefree, safe, and more enjoyable ride.

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Handlebar Bike Mirror, Stainless Steel Lens Mirror, Bicycle Rearview Mirror, Safety Reflector, E-bike Mirror


This bike handlebar mirror can be adjusted to any angle, which is convenient for you to watch every direction you want and ensure your safety.


This bicycle mirror for handlebars can be quickly installed and removed. Suitable for tube diameter 0.98 inches or less. This bike mirror is mainly used for bikes, such as mountain bikes, electric bikes, folding bicycles, etc.


The plastic holder of the bike mirror handlebar mount is made of new ABS material, which is durable riding equipment, and suitable for long-term riding.


This bike mirror handlebar mount is designed with a reflective strip at the back, which will improve your safety when riding at night.


The bicycle mirror for the handlebar has 2 units packed. So we can install them both at the left and right and make you safer when cycling.

Product specification

Material: ABS
Quantity: a set / 2 pieces
Product size: 11.4 inches
Mirror: 3.9 * 2.4 inches
Installation handle diameter: 0.98 inches or less
Color: black

Package contains

2*Handlebar Bike Mirror