High Pressure Water Gun


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High Pressure Power Washer Water Spray Gun Nozzle Wand Attachment Garden Hose US

⚡High Pressure Water Gun⚡

【Power Rod Nozzle to Optimize Your Experience】

All products undergo extensive quality checks to provide outstanding performance. Using our high-pressure cleaner, you will enjoy extraordinary power, durability and performance. Rust and corrosion resistance: brass standard garden hose connector, aluminum original power cleaning stick.

【Stainless Steel Spray】

Equipped with brass standard green garden hose connector instead of aluminum valve body, it is sturdy and durable, not easy to bend, compared with other rods, the product remains unchanged after a period of time.

【Easy to Use】

This is an ordinary powerful sprayer with jet, two nozzles and a fan sprayer. The pressure is only related to the pressure of domestic water and does not require electricity. If your water pipe is connected quickly, our high-pressure cleaning rod can be perfectly connected to it.

【Quality Materials】

Our Hydrojet high-pressure power washer can be used to clean dirt and mold accumulated on wood, aluminum and vinyl shutters, concrete sidewalks, planks, bricks, stones, rocks, etc. You can easily wash cars, trucks, campers or boats.

【Wide range of Applications】

Easily clean cars, trucks, campers or boats, and dispose of dirty wheels and rims and wherever needed. The cleaning stick has a safety lock trigger to prevent accidental spray.


Length: 18.31inch
Spraying distance: 590.55inch
Packing specification: 18.9*8.46*14.17
Material: (tube) aluminum alloy + (ball valve) zinc alloy + (sprinkler) copper + (TPR) handle

【Package Included】

1* connection adapter
1 * high pressure cleaning rod

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