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When the nights draw in and your bed gets chilly, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a hot water bottle.  filled with hot water and closed with a stopper that you can then use to warm yourself up with, whether tucking it under your blanket, cuddling up to it on the sofa or in bed, or even wearing it when you go out for some extra warmth.

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Hot Water Bottle with Cover, 2L PVC Hot Water Bag with Soft Fleece

🔥 Durable, Safe to Use and Eco-friendly:

The hot water bag for pain relief is leakproof and durable. The hot water bottle and cover are safe and non-toxic. CAUTION: Children should be used under the supervision of an adult and never fill with boiling water!

🔥 Hot Water Bottle with Soft & Fluffy Cover:

This hot pack comes with a cover that is made of soft polar fleece fabric. It is ideal for a cozy night with a glass of wine on the couch. Especially in the winter, the hot water bottle for bed will soothe and warm you.

🔥 Easy to Use:

The hot and cold hot water bottle with a wide mouth is easy to fill and use. The hot bag for pain relief is multifunctional, allows the filling of cold water and crushed ice. Use it for neck and shoulder pain, medical purposes, during pregnancy, or as a foot warmer.

🔥 Relieve Menstrual Cramps:

This classic hot water bottle is your perfect warm companion. They are also great to help ease period pains. By placing a hot water bottle on the lower tummy area to provide relief from cramps. Great gift choice for women and girls!

🔥 Keeps You Warm for Hours:

The bottle and cover are designed to retain heat to ensure your comfort. The soft covers distribute the heat evenly and protect you against excessive heating. Is is ideal to warm your bed in winter.


1. Do not fill with more than 80° of boiling water, hot water will easily flutter out when filling, causing a safety hazard.
2. The water injection should not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of the hot water bag while discharging excess air.
3. The length of insulation is related to the ambient temperature, water temperature, and the way it is placed (inside the nest over the outdoor), which will vary under different conditions.

Product specification

Colour: dark grey
Material: faux rabbit fur cloth cover + PVC liner
Faux fur bag: 13.38*8.66 inches
Inner liner: 12.6*7.9 inches
Water filling port: 1 inch
Capacity: 1800ml
Warmth duration: room temperature insulation lasts 3-6 hours; bed warming and comforter heat lasts 8-12 hours

Package includes

1*Hot Water Bag

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