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Upgraded 836 UV Vacuum Cleaner with 12Kpa Powerful Suction

Kindly Note: This mites UV vacuum cleaner is mainly designed for eliminating mites rather than absorbing the dust. 253.7nm UV tube + 130℉ high-temperature hot air, more powerful suction (up to 12Kpa), long power cable(16.4ft), dimension: 11.05 x 9.99 x 6.69 inches, 400ml capacity dust box, this mites UV vacuum cleaner is great for every family.

New Version

This is the newest model of Housmile UV Vacuum Cleaner, It has a more powerful suction (up to 12Kpa) and a longer power cord (16.4ft), advanced concealed telescopic handle designed for no-bend over-cleaning.

High Efficiency

253.7 nm lamp and 130℉ high-temperature hot air ensure high efficiency of removing pollution: the rate of removing pollution is almost up to 99.97%.

Safety Design

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner features a sophisticated security system. To protect you from radiation, the 253.7 nm lamp works only when three wheels landed together.

Large Capacity Dust Box

The structure of this Mattress vacuum cleaner is of elaborate and compact in design, with upgraded 400ml built-in dust chamber capacity meeting all the expectations of quality and performance.

HEPA Filtration

The whole machine HEPA filtration captures 99.97% particles as small as 0.3 microns and releases the fresh air, 3×2.75 inches larger filtra area improve the efficiency of cleaning and reduce the possibility of blocked by large particles of dust.


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