2.5 inch V-shaped flange kit


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2.5'' Inch Mild Steel V-Band Clamp Kit Male/Female v band Turbo Exhaust Vband

⚡2.5 inch V-shaped flange kit⚡

The kit includes one 2.5-inch V-belt clamp and two 2.5-inch stainless steel V-belt flanges. One male flange and one female flange are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

【Apply to】

This V-shaped kit is very suitable for high performance exhaust systems, downpipes, rear exhaust, turbo rear exhaust, etc., suitable for turbo and high hose power vehicles.

【Exhaust System】

Traditional exhaust flanges have multiple nuts, bolts, washers and washers. The V-belt kit eliminates all these problems and allows the use of a single nut for connection. The high-quality 304 stainless steel flange provides a leak-free exhaust seal without gaskets.

【Flange Opening】

There is a recessed opening on the flange, once the flange is welded in place, 2.5 inches of exhaust gas can be easily slipped into the flange, and the attached V-belt clip slides on the connecting piece and secures the flange together. Provide a leak-free seal.

【V Shape】

V-flange assembly is a popular and effective alternative to traditional flange or sliding sleeve connection. They work well under working conditions involving stress, vibration and extreme temperature fluctuations.


Flange ID: 2.5 inches
Fixture: 2.5 inches
Material: stainless steel + iron, OPP transparent sealing bag
The size of flange and clamp are different, please make sure the correct size

【Package Includes】

1* V-shaped clamp (stainless steel 304)
2*V type with flange (male/female) (mild steel 1045)

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