Kids Toy Spider Glove Set


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Is Your Child A Huge Fan of Superhero? Now they can transform into that hero with these excellent quality children's Spider Glove!

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Kids Toy Spider Glove, Spider-Man Hero FX Glove, Web shooter Web-Slinger Launcher Role Play Set Toy

When your child wears these electronic Superhero gloves, it feels like a spider. Activate using the buttons on your palm.

Best compatibility: Suitable for Birthday parties, Kids' gifts, Superhero gifts, superhero toys, superhero gifts, Can be used with any Superhero.

Great for Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, and dress-up parties. Let their imagination run wild as they dress up as their favorite superheroes and heroically save the day! !!

Operation method

1. open the launcher cover, load it into the launch pad.
2. left button plucked to launch a launcher piece.


After loading the launcher, shake the launcher, so that the launcher can be flat on the slot, can better launch. Please remind your child not to shoot at others.

Product specification

Color: red
Glove size: 9.4 * 4.7 inches / 24 * 12CM

Package includes

Glove *1pc
Emitter *1pc
Shooting piece *4pcs