2 PCS 4.5 Inches Kitchen Sink Strainer


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2 PCS 4.5" Kitchen Sink Strainer Stainless Steel Mesh Bath Drain Stopper Filter

⚡Kitchen Sink Strainer⚡


Averagely distributed perforations on the surrounding wall and bottom of the basket ensure water goes through seamlessly and avoid the strainer itself clogged by particles and other debris. Polishing on surface and edge ensures safety during use and avoids any hurt to your hands.

【Health Protector】

The more debris going down, the more bad things maybe survive. Stop facing these troubles with help of our Sink Strainer. You could build a healthier house environment and protect your family beforehand.

【Strong And Sturdy】

Compared with mesh basket strainers, our thick stainless steel kitchen sink strainers are not easily transformed therefore fit drains better and serve longer. The hard material also makes the cleaning safe and easy.

【General Size】

The wide rim ensures our products fit in bigger drains, not only for the kitchen sink, but you may also use it in the bathroom on the floor drain. Holes could perfectly block particles and debris of rice size.


Color: silver
Product material: Stainless Steel
Outer diameter: approx 11.3cm/4.45in
Inner diameter: approx 7cm/2.75in


2 X Premium Quality Kitchen Strainer