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Are you still bothered by these problems? The sink drain hole is blocked and the filtration is not in place. Food residue gets everywhere and affects your good mood. Now here is a cute octopus filter holder that can help you solve the problem. Hope you will like it.

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Kitchen Sink Strainer, Octopus Sink Drain Rack Triangular Sink Stopper with Leftovers Filter Bag Kitchen Supply

🐙Kitchen Good Helper

The sink filter is very effective in filtering debris, easier to clean up the garbage, and keeps the sink clean, enough nets to meet your replacement needs, no need to clean, use once, carry it with you. In addition, it saves a lot in the kitchen The space is very comfortable to use.

🐙High-Quality Materials

This triangular sink rack is made of thick polypropylene material, with a triangular design, which is more stable and durable after long-term use and keeps your sink table clean and tidy. Mesh bags are elastic, so they are easy to connect to the 7-point bracket and remain stable.

🐙Save Space

The triangular design saves space in the corners of the sink while increasing the opening area. This sink storage rack makes full use of the space in the corner of the sink and saves space.

🐙Effectively Filter Debris

The triangular filter can effectively prevent food residues, cloth, and other garbage in the sewer. You no longer need to clean the filter manually, just lift it gently and throw it away.

🐙Installation Method

First, keep the countertop clean, then stick the nano-tape on both sides of the bracket, and then stick it on the sink and press it firmly. Put on the filter and you can use it.

🐙Product specification

Material: PPS plastic + polyester mesh + nano glue
Color: blue-yellow
Size: 7.52 * 3.54 * 0.59 inches
Function: Anti-blocking sink


1 draining rack + strainer 50 only * 2 packages