15 Pcs Reusable Tangle-Free Laundry Scrubbing Balls


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While doing laundry might be at the bottom of your favorite things to do on a weekend, there are certainly a few laundry hacks and laundry products that help make the household chore a little more bearable.
Putting the washer balls into the washing machine. Then it can prevent clothes from intertwining, and also can use its strong friction to strengthen the washing effect.

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Washer Balls, Reusable Tangle-Free Laundry Scrubbing Balls(15 pcs, Purple)


15 pcs solid washer balls,2 inches (5 cm) across.


These laundry scrubbing balls are made of premium solid soft PVC, durable and soft which will not harm clothes and washing machine, have good elasticity and won't fade as well。


The balls improve washing greatly by unique convex and concave design, saving a lot of water and energy. Clothing more fluffy, not twining Separate clothes effectively and soften fabrics naturally.


A high-quality washing ball is durable and reusable.10 to 15 balls are ideal for a wash weighing around 10 kilograms of Material. Pants coat class hard cloth washing can put 8-10 balls. Laundry Balls could make washing machines and clothes kept rubbing greater impact force. Make more clean clothes washed, but do not damage clothes.

Product Specification

Colour: Purple
Material: PVC
Quantity:One set/15pcs
Product size: about 2 inches/5CM

Package includes

15*Purple Washer Balls