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Gel UV LED nail lamp, nail dryer, nail dryer 80W gel nail polish UV lamp nail/sunlight curing lamp

⚡LED nail light nail dryer⚡

【Product description

The quality of nail salon is faster and dry, LED nail light, 48W high-power led dual light source, suitable for curing all kinds of led nail polish in a short time

【Timer Setting】

Flexible drying options with 4 timer settings: 30s / 60s / 90s low heat mode, the power can be changed according to the power switch

【Painless Mode】

When using the 90s (low-temperature mode), the 90s low heat mode of this nail dryer also means a painless mode, and the output power will gradually increase (the light will be brighter). Our UV LED nail lights provide temperature protection for your hands

【Automatic Sensor】

Thanks to the smart infrared sensor, the nail light can be automatically sensed. With the help of the LCD screen and smart sensor, place your hand on the nail curing light and the LED light will automatically light up

【How to use our SUNX5 PLUS nail polish】

According to the cleaning agent's instructions, apply a thin layer of gel polish on clean, dry nails, and don't touch the cuticle or skin next to the nails.
Please use an appropriate timer according to your requirements. After the specified time, the lamp will automatically turn off. Or use an automatic sensor, it will automatically turn on or off when you stretch your hand/foot in or out.
After being completely dried, apply colored paint and cure with a lamp under absolutely dry conditions
If the gel polish is a bit sticky after curing, please wipe your nails with a mild detergent or alcohol to remove the remaining sticky residue. Enjoy beautiful nails or pedicure with our nails


color: White
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 48W
Performance: 30S/60S/99S
Function: curing, solidification, quick-drying

【Product Includes】


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