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 ⚡LED Smart Projector⚡

【Product Description

Mini LED smart home theater projector video movie, three projection methods: front and back/ceiling, can be operated manually or remotely, home projector, whether it is playing video or watching football, is an important core of home entertainment system. For games, this portable projector can provide a large screen experience on a comfortable sofa.

【Upgraded LED light Technology】

The mini projector has an upgraded LED light source technology that can project clear images without causing the same optical damage as TVs, laptops, and tablets. This technology can protect your eyes while still allowing you to enjoy movies, sports, and TV.

【Unique Design】

Smooth, concealed and durable-We have improved the design of the cooling fan to make it run quieter and cooler than ever before, and our LED lights can provide you with 50,000 hours of gaming time while improving energy efficiency

【Enhanced Color Contrast】

Brighter, sharper, bigger-compared with other similar micro projectors on the market, the brightness is 70% brighter, the image is 50% clearer, and the contrast of the projected color is enhanced to 2000:1 to restore the reality of the projection Color 1080p projection makes the screen size between 32-176 inches, and the projection distance is 5-16 feet, and the best point is about 6 feet.

【Instructions for Use】

A large screen size 1080p projector means that you can enjoy your favorite movies on a screen size of 32-176 inches and a projection distance of 1 to 5-5M. The best distance is 1.8 to 2. Ultra-clear and bright images, powerful connection capabilities-connect to laptops, USB drives, DVD players, and Wi-Fi display encryption, when combined with adapters, you can connect to mobile devices, wireless phones, computers, or tablets

【 Specification】

Type: Portable Projector
Standard Resolution: 800 x 480, Maximum support 1080P
Brightness [Peak]: 2600lms
Uniform Brightness Value: 93%
Contrast [standard]: 2500: 1
Projection Screen Size: 20-80 inches
Projection Distance: 2-5m
Light Source: LED
Total Power Consumption (W): 60W (maximum)
Input Port: USB x 2 / HDMI / Memory Card / AV / VGA
Audio Output Port: Audio (3.5 mm)
Working Voltage: 100-240V
Remote Control Battery: 2x AAA (not included)
Screen Ratio Display: 4: 3/16: 9
Picture Flip: Support Projector

【Products Include】

1*remote control
1*power adapter
1*Three in one AV cable
1*English manual

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