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Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Siphon Pump for Fuel Gas Oil Gasoline Water, Multi-Use Hand Fuel Pump

⚡Multi-Use Hand Fuel Pump⚡

【Makes Transferring Liquids A Breeze】

No more struggling with pouring by hand and using a funnel that never seems to work correctly, and thereby spilling gas down the side of your vehicle. Safely and easily transfer liquids with this convenient handheld pump to pumps gas, water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquids.

【Clean and Easy to Use】

There is a red switch on the top to start the electric siphon pump. Unscrew the cap on the gas pump handle and insert the batteries. Switched it on, siphon pump can move liquid. Press again, liquid transfer pump stopped.

【Battery Operated Water Pumps】

The fuel transfer pump operates with two "D" batteries(not included).

【Widely Application】

This portable handy transfer pump can be used for any non-corrosive Liquids such as Kerosene, Light Oils, Diesel Oils, Chemical Insecticides, Toluene, Light Solvents, Gasoline, Water (Not for Drinking Water) Alcoholic Drinks, etc. Useful in garage, aquarium, home, yard, basement, bathroom, and so on.

【Ldeal For Thousands Of Uses At Home】

1.Empty the bucket
2. Drainage pool and paddling pool
3.Empty and fill fish tanks, aquariums
4.Empty the bathwater used in the garden
5.Clean up flooded basements and other places


Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Size: 25 inches in total length
Hose outlet: 0.51 inches outside diameter
Hose length: 22.05 inches
Battery: 2 x D battery (not included)
Speed: 5-6 quarts per minute
Can pump: Petrol, Gas, Water, Oil
Style: Regular
Occasion: Garage, Aquariums, Basement, Bathroom, Shop, House.


1 * Inflatable pump