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The High Five is a symbol of celebration when something good is said/done. The causes for the call of "High Five" can vary from anything as small as finding something cool on the floor to something as big as saving the world from almost certain destruction. Carry the Mini Hand Puppet around with you and share the High Fives!

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Little Finger Hands – Premium Rubber Little Tiny Hands - Finger Puppets for Hands – Mini Prank Hand

【Tiktok Same Style】

Same style tiny hands with Tiktok videos. Get them to shoot funny videos by yourself! Post your videos on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social Apps. Or you can just have fun with these interesting tiny hands with your friends, families, or your pets to see their reaction.

【Pack of 10】

One pack contains 10 pieces of tiny hands, five left hands, and five right hands.

【Ultra-Realistic Design】

Unlike similar products on the market, our little hands are designed with a highly realistic human hand shape, with extra attention to detail. From fingernails, color and natural wrinkles, these hands perfectly replicate the human design!


These realistic tiny hands can be used by everyone, both adults and children. Just place them in between your fingers and everyone will be tricked, amazed, and a little frightened of your freaky little hands. As tiny as they are, they’ll ensure big laughs from your friends and family.

Product specifications

Material: Vinyl
Quantity: Set of 5 pairs
Product size: 2.76*1.18 inches/7*3CM
Features: Healthy and environmentally friendly, scratch and bite resistant, fun and interactive

Package contains

10*Little Finger Hands