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Craving for a healthy and delicious meal? Going on a diet to control your weight? Are kids refusing to eat vegetables and fruits?
It's time for you to have this incredible tool for your kitchen - A great peeler/slicer for creating unique, healthy, and delicious meals. Easily make veggie and fruit strips or slices with ultra-sharpness in a few minutes. 

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Fruit Peeler, Stainless Steel Double-Sided Blade Vegetable Julienne Cutter, and Fruit Slicer Dual Blade Multifunction Kitchen Utensils


Julienning or peeling fruit, vegetables is easy and fast with this peeler. One blade to peel vegetables and the other one to slice them into long strips


Safe, non-toxic, and harmless. Super hard, high-density blade, not easy to be blunt. The effective resistance to food oxidation, keeping the original taste of food.

【Easy to use】

Rotating design, convenient to cut the blades as needed. Edge dig-hole design and hook are all for your convenience of cooking. Durable and easy to clean.

【High Quality】

Made of the highest quality stainless steel and razor-sharp blades with an anti-cut design. Use it smoothly and peel fast and safely.


Perfect for sandwiches, cheese rolls, or salad. Create nice-looking, delicious, attractive meals for both adults and kids.

Product specification

Material: stainless steel
Quantity: 1pc
Size: 7.09*2.16 inches


1*Fruit Peeler