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Extendable Back Scratcher, Metal Stainless Steel Telescoping Back Scratcher Tool

A Back Scratcher is Necessary:

Are you get annoyed or frustrated when you have the itch you’re dying to scratch at places where you can’t reach? You know no one really wants to help someone else to scratch their back. Now you have this back scratcher, you can scratch the relentless itch to your heart’s content. Also, it can avoid your skin getting scratching by the nail.

Back scratcher Telescopic Handle:

The back scratcher could be extended from 8.46 inches to 27 inches with adjustable length to reach the hard places where it is itchy.

Premium Material Back scratcher:

It is made of a quality metal body that is rust-proof and break-proof. Each scratcher comes with a rubber grip, more comfortable to hold. It has a 7 teeth claw which is great for scratching a large surface area, the polishing of the scratcher’s head edge is smoother and will not hurt your skin.

Back scratchers Easy to Carry:

Retractable handle design for compact storage. Easy to take it around for travel or on the go. A wonderful gift for family or friends, especially for parents and pregnant women who act inconveniently.

Product specification

Colour: Black
Material: 201 stainless steel
Quantity: Set of 2
Size before retraction: 8 inches
Size after retraction: 27 inches
Function: The claw part can be used for scratching and massaging the head, back, legs, etc., easily solving scratching troubles; non-invasive skin rounded and smooth scratching teeth design.

Package includes

2*Extendable Back Scratcher