【Live】10 Pcs Furniture Protectors from Cat Scratch+2Pcs Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch


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 10 Pcs Furniture Protectors from Cat Scratch - Sofa Protectors from Cat Scratch - Clear Anti Scratch Pads and Sofa Protectors

Training and protection:

Furniture Protectors from Cat Scratch will help you train your cat to stay off your furniture as the sticky feel of the anti-scratch stickers for cats repels them, protecting your sofa, bed, table, counter, litter box and other precious furniture from scratches, claw marks and cat hair.

Safe and transparent:

Clear double-sided sticky strong adhesive tape that blends perfectly with the colour of your furniture and is harmless to cats and furniture, the perfect anti-scratch cat-proof tape for your pet!

Thick and flexible.

The flat packaging of this set makes the sticky adhesive tape flexible enough to protect any type of furniture shape, such as sofa corners or even rectangular chair legs. Thanks to the thick, non-toxic vinyl material, this anti-scratch is a very effective defense against cats or dogs scratching through them. Keep your furniture intact with the help of Panther Armor.

Wide range of uses:

you can use them anywhere - sofas, chairs, walls, fabric sofas, leather furniture, tables, counters, doorways, screened-in porches, etc.

Product Specifications

Material: PET/OPP/PVC
Colour: Transparent
Quantity: one set/pack of 10 pieces
Size: 5pcs(16.9*10 inches); 5pcs(16.9*12 inches )
Use for windows, doors, sofas, carpets, floors etc.

Package contains

10* furniture protectors


Cats Corner Massage, Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch

Perfect Grooming Brush for Cat:

This is a self-grooming aid for cats that is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays the role of the rubbing object for the cat to make them comfortable. It is made of a softer ABS plastic base and softer.

Safe & Easy to Clean:

This Cats Corner Massage Comb is made of eco-friendly softer plastic, So it is very safe and won't hurt your cat's skin. As well as help cats remove loose and falling hairs while brushing, your kitty will definitely like this toy!

Includes a small pouch of catnip herb, screws and adhesive strip, for use in the inner brush compartment as an extra incentive. Our cat brush helps remove and collect loose hair of your pets, real self groomer! It can not only give your pets a rubbing place but also gives you a cleaner and more enjoyable living environment.

Product specifications

Colour: grey
Product size: 6.06*3.35 inches/15.4*8.5CM
Use scene: sofa, chair, table, room door, corner, etc.

Package contains.

2*Cats Corner Massage