20 Sheets Halloween Luminous Temporary Tattoos


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Do you want your kids to have more fun at bedtime?
Do you want your kids to quietly stay by themselves for 20 minutes?
Do want to make your cups and furniture differently?
Let’s try our Luminous Temporary Tattoos now. It will be a great decoration for your life.

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20 Sheets Halloween Luminous Temporary Tattoos, Glow In The Dark Tattoo Stickers For Kids Teens Adult (Bright Colorful)


These tattoos can glow in the dark after being activated in light for a few minutes, which can makes bedtime more fun for your kids. It looks so coolly under black light, those luminous tattooes make you become the focus of the party~


You can not only stick the 20 sheets tattoo stickers on your hands, legs, face and any other part of your body, but also can decorate your cups, bottles and so on. The tattoo sticker is suitable for all ages, including kids & adults, boys, and girls, teens, women, men.


These tattoo stickers are made of safe and non-toxic material used in water transfer printing technology. Perfect for Club, Party, Halloween, cosplay, club nights, birthdays, arts & crafts projects, festivals, charity events, and sports games, daily wear, Masquerade, Concerts, Beach~


1.Clean the skin, ensure no oil and no water. remove the transparent film on the surface of the tattoo.
2.Stick the patterned side to the skin and thoroughly wet the sticker with water.
3.Press and tap about 20 seconds until the paper slides down and remove the bottom paper.
4.Paste successfully, do not touch before drying out, do not touch water within 2 hours~


Easy to apply in 20-30 seconds with water (warm water in winter), the fluorescent temporary tattoos long lasting for 2-3 days, depends on how many times this part touches water. Easily removed by rubbing alcohol, body oil, olive oil.


1, The paper backing should be completely wet, or the tattoo will stick as you peel.
2 After stick, please don’t touch the water in 2 hours.
3, Please don’t apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive. Also not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Product Specifications

Size: 2.68*4.72in
Process: Water transfer printing
Category: cartoon
Color : Multi-color


20* Luminous tattoo sticker