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GPS tracker, magnetic mini GPS real-time car locator, ultra-long standby portable real-time positioning device (black)

        ⚡Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker Car Locator⚡

Real-time voice monitoring and historical record tracking: You can listen to the audio in real-time through this recorder, or activate automatic recording, which will be recorded and stored in each file for 15 seconds. Enables you to query the movement route of the locator in the past 3 months. Charging lights up red, working red, blue and red lights flash slowly

Tracking And Positioning

The locator can record step data for the past 7 days so you can easily track past activities. With the powerful positioning function, it can be used with GPS, GSM, LBS and WIFI, such as remote control, one-key search, step counting, etc.

【SOS And Location Query】

In an emergency, press the SOS button, and the device will send a call and message to the guardian for help. You can check the user's specific location through a mobile application or computer, whether it is children, the elderly, handbags or cars, you can find them as soon as possible.

【Anti-Interference Mode And Electronic Fence】

After setting the interference-free time range through the APP on the guardian's mobile phone, this recorder will block voice messages and calls. When you define an area on the map with the device as the center, if the tracker is not in that area, it will immediately alert. Don't worry about your safety.

【Low Battery Alarm】

When the current battery level is less than 20%, the recorder will send you an alert message to help you charge in time.

【Other Remote Functions】

Find tracker, alarm, shutdown, restart. These functions of the device can be realized by monitoring the mobile APP


1. If the SIM card is not inserted, the GPS tracker cannot work. It can be used with or without mobile apps, so you can use SMS or mobile apps for Android and iOS for real-time tracking.
2. Only a GSM SIM card works in this model. GPS tracker
3. Please make sure that the GSM SIM card supports making calls, sending messages and GPRS networks.
4. When used with a SIM card, additional data usage fees will be incurred.

【Instructions For Use】

Scan the QR code of Apple\Android to download GPS365 APP, insert the phone card (4G mobile phone card test), enter the account ID password (account 15 digits, default password 123456), follow the instructions to test the positioning function.


Product: GPS location tracker
Model: GF21
material: plastic
GPS positioning accuracy: 10 (m)
Alarm mode: fence alarm, SOS alarm
Battery life: 96 (h)
Waterproof function: none
Battery type: polymer battery
Colour: Black
The size is about 1.7 * 1.02 * 0.51inch
Cable length 26.77inch

【Package Included】

1 * GPS tracker
1 * USB cable