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Liquid Oil Water Fluid Transfer Siphon Hand Pump Kit Manual Fuel Gas Tank

🏍Fuel Siphon Pump

Easy carry and stored, a very helpful emergency or life assistant for gas gasoline petrol diesel oil fish tank water transfer. NOT for hazard chemical fluid. IMPORTANT NOTE: Target Container has to be lower than Source Container. When start to siphon, please let the export hose goes down freely, DO NOT hold the export hose with your hand.

🏍Instantly Siphon Flow

Use the hand fuel pump, it would start siphon flow soon. Built-in one-way valve to prevent backflow. The arrow on the rubber bulb indicates a flow direction. Note: Source Container should place on a higher position than the target container.

🏍Durable Rubber Transfer Hose

1.8m/5.9Feet rubber hose, with two fixed hose clips to secure it in place, no flow will ooze. The rubber material is more durable than PVC transparent hose, this transfer rubber hose is also thicker than PVC hose, petrol resistant, avoid corrosion and it would prevent from leaking.

🏍Easy to Use

Lightweight and portable siphon hand fuel pump, suitable for various vehicles without anti-theft filter net, such as brush cutter, lawn mower, hedge trimmer, etc.


Never start the siphon process with your mouth, it's dangerous. This siphon pump for gasoline not for saltwater or corroding chemicals.


1. The fluid you are trying to get rid of has to be up HIGHER than the bucket you are flowing into.

2. When you put the fitting end into the container (you are siphoning from), must keep it inside of the container not just on the surface.

3.Not suitable for drink water, saltwater, and any chemical liquids.


Type:Hand Siphon Pump
Hose Length:2.1m/6.88ft
Hose Inner Diameter:0.31 inch/8 mm
Hose Outer Diameter:0.47 inch/12 mm
Working Pressure Range:0.2-6 bar
Operating Temperature Range:-30 °C-130 °C

🏍Package Included

1 x Manual Pump