Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner


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Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner with 14 KPa Powerful Suction for Eliminating Mites

⚡UV Vacuum Cleaner 

Advanced Filtration

The whole machine HEPA filtration captures 99.98 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

The UV Light

Upgraded UV Light: Compared to regular UV vacuum cleaners, we have increased by 20% on UV light, ensure high efficiency of removing pollution: the rate of removing pollution is almost up to 99.7%.

Rotating Frequency and Suctions

Perfect Cooperation Between 6000 Cycle/Min High Rotating Frequency and Powerful Suctions with 14KPa Attraction to Dust on Base: First, beats out the dust from deep of mattress, bed sheet, sofa, blanket, and cushion; then, thoroughly sucks them away.

The Technology of Carbon Filtration

The air outlet on base with the exclusive design of twice activated carbon filtration so that it will block the twice pollution effectively. Tips: Suggest fully charge the battery before using it as there is only 30% of power for shipping safety reasons.


The case is elaborate and compact in design with 4.5lbs super lightweight and built-in 200ml large capacity dust collector meeting all the expectations of quality and performance.

Package Include

1 *  UV Vacuum Cleaner

1 * User Manual


Input: 10A 125V

The length of the cable: 157.4 inch

Suction: 14KPa

Power: 500W

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