Portable Mini Bag Heat Sealer


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Maybe it's a good idea to invite friends to have a celebration dinner. Or maybe you've got a chance to have a trip or mountain climbing. All these happy activities would leave a lot of food. Now you have the handy bag sealer, manage this leftover will not be that painful.

Portable Mini Bag Heat Sealer, Food Heat Sealer, Handheld Heat Sealer Machine

Portable and Powerful 

Unlike large sealers, this product is small and portable, suitable for both kitchen and outdoor camping. At the same time, this product is more powerful than other portable sealers. It can seal quickly and is effective for thicker bags.

Time Saving and Easy Using

No more clips on your snack packages, mini bag sealer seal them just in a while! Properly saving your leftover chips, foods, fruits, snacks with no additional cost. Save your time and your tasty food!

Keep Fresh and Tasty

Some crispy food will be affected by the moisture in the refrigerator even you seal them up with clips. Use this handy bag sealer, it can seal most plastic snack packages without letting air & water getting in. Save your snacks from now on!

Product specification

Colour: White
Material: ABS
Quantity: 1 piece
Size: 3.94*1.38*1.38 inches
Note: Plain paper bag is not applicable, prepare 2 AA batteries separately

Package contains

1*Mini Bag Heat Sealer