Furniture Moving Slider hauling Pad


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Furniture Moving Slider hauling Pad Protector Floor Wood Carpet Move

⚡Furniture Moving Slider hauling Pad⚡

【High Quality】

Carpet sliders for furniture are made from ABS and antiskid patch, Our self-adhesive slider is characterized by super viscosity, that securely grips furniture for a long-lasting hold. Heavy-duty, will not rip or break apart. Provides a secure grip on your furniture that can be left under furniture for easy moving and cleaning, or removed to be used again and again. Heavy Furniture Glider, Carpet Slider Furniture Mover, Furniture Moving Pads, Furniture Moving Slider.


Furniture moving slider will prevent holes from being poked or driven into the carpet. Can be used and reusable for a long time. Save yourself time energy. Easy Moving, Putting Round Carpet Furniture Sliders under the furniture, you can shuffle the heavy furniture around without any hassle. Designed to help you move your furniture effortlessly.


Move heavy, large, or awkward furniture or appliances with ease. Can be used to move your bed, sofa, bookshelf, closet, fridge, dining table, wardrobe, dressing table, display shelf, filing cabinet, desk, television, piano, and all other large or awkward household/office items.

【Easy to Use】

By putting furniture sliders under the heavy furniture, you can shuffle the furniture around without any hassle. Reusable Felt Furniture Sliders for Hard Floor Surfaces, Reusable Furniture Movers for Carpet, Move Your Furniture Easy with Reusable Furniture Movers Sliders for Carpets/ Hardwood/ Tile Floor.


Material: ABS + antiskid patch
Size: 6 mm (paste)
Weight (single): 10 g
Color: White


20pcs Magic Furniture Moving Sliders