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Do you have the following troubles when cleaning your home?
Remove unclean stagnant water?
Poor dust removal effect for fine dust?
Hair tangled in the broom?
The magical broom, so you no longer have to worry about whether the removal of stagnant water is not clean, the effect of removing fine dust is not good, and the hair is entangled on the broom! Multifunctional use, easy to complete cleaning chores 📣

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Multifunction Magic Broom Long Handle, Indoor Broom Silicone Scraping Sweeping Water Dust Hair, Outdoor Broom Floor Squeegee Glass Wiper for Window Cleaning, Pet Hair Remover


Forget about whisk brooms that are too short and inconvenient. Magic brooms come with retractable rods. The extra-long handle also allows you to safely reach high windows and even under sofas, allowing you to touch every corner and place. Suitable for children, adults, and old people to use, can cultivate children's hands-on ability.


Multifunctional magic can not only sweep the floor but also mop the floor! Effectively clean the floor surface, easily remove dirt and hair. Rubber brooms are suitable for wooden floors, marble, ceramic tiles, and other floors. It can easily remove water, hair, pet hair, and can also be used as a window scraper.


TPR soft scraping head has stronger toughness and elasticity. High-density PP material, not afraid of soaking, easy to clean. The stainless steel handle is firmer and not afraid of water. Comfortable plastic grip with a hook for easy storage and saves space.


The multifunction magic broom is a wet and dry broom. Suitable for most situations. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, balcony, the outdoor flat ground can be used. For example, bathroom water broom, glass scrapers, dust and confetti in the living room, outdoor courts wipers, walls, glass, cement roads and so on.


Easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient storage in closets, cabinets, or drawers when not in use. The retractable broomstick can be adjusted according to your own needs. Clockwise is to tighten the fixed length, and counterclockwise is to loosen and adjust the length. Equipped with suction cup hooks, the broom can be hung for convenient storage and space-saving.

Product Specifications

Size: retractable large 31cm
Color: pink, green
Material: aluminum + polypropylene (pp)
Function: Free retractable
Features: scraping water does not leave traces, hair does not tangle, sweeping the floor does not leak dust bubble bagged


1*Magic Broom

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