Nintendo Rechargeable Battery Replacement


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850mAh Replacement Battery for Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Systems+ Screwdriver

⚡Nintendo Rechargeable Battery Replacement⚡

Don’t run out of motivation when you are about to earn points.By using rechargeable batteries, it saves money and is environmentally friendly

Battery Description

This battery is not charged initially. Please make sure to charge the battery before the first use. The battery can be charged or discharged hundreds of times. Replace with a new battery when it fails to work normally. The charging time of the battery can be based on its remaining power and the battery or charger used The type is determined

【Instructions for Use】

When using it for the first time, charge the battery for 12 hours.It has passed the test standards for safe use


1. Do not use deteriorated or useless batteries or chargers;
2. Do not throw the battery into the fire or heat it in other ways;
3. Do not use it for other purposes;
4. When inserting the battery, please make sure its direction is correct

【Apply to】

850mAh rechargeable battery of GBA SP


Quantity: 2pcs
Capacity: 850mAh
Size: 2.09*1.22*0.2inch
Measured voltage: 4V
Product name: Nintendo game console battery SP+screwdriver 850mAh

【Product Contains】