Non-Slip Furniture Pads


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Does the sofa move too easily and interrupt your rest? Or maybe your chair slides too fast and scratches the floor? Non-slip rubber furniture pads will keep all your furniture in place and protect the floors of your lovely home from scratches.

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Non-Slip Furniture Pads – Premium Furniture Grippers Rubber Feet Hardwood Floor Protectors


Furniture pads are perfect protection for your wooden, laminate, or tiled floors can be used to paste the bottom of the table, chairs, lamps, telephone, cabinets, door, TV cabinet, sofa, and so on. Carefully protect the surface from scratches and scuffs.


Our furniture stopper pads are made of eco-friendly material with recycled fibers. The tenacious adhesive makes it easy to stick on any furniture surface, not allowing them to come off and tightly hold on the furniture legs for a long time.


A lot of sizes of chair leg floor protectors will ensure, You will find pads that fit all of the home furniture and items which you have.

👍Product specification

Colour: Black
Material: TPR soft rubber
Quantity: One set / 8 models 186 pieces
Square 12-piece set Single piece: 1.77*1.77*0.16 inch
Square 30 pieces, single piece: 1.18*1.18*0.16 inch
Rectangular 2-piece set, single piece: 5.9*3.8*0.16 inch
Rectangular 4-piece set, single piece: 5.7*1.9*0.16 inch
Round 12-pack, single-piece diameter: 1.77*0.16 inch
Round 22 pieces, single-piece diameter: 1.38*0.16 inch
Round 30 pieces, single-piece diameter: 1.18*0.16 inch
Round 48-piece set, single-piece diameter: 0.9*0.9*0.16 inches
Features: The non-slip mat has a clear pattern to prevent slippage, helping you to fix the table and chairs to prevent random shaking, while the thickened design can well protect the floor from damage due to sliding of the table and chairs.

Package includes

186* Non-Slip Furniture Pads