Orgonite Pyramids Obsidian


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Amethyst Ball Blue Quartz Carving Pyramid, Orgonite Pyramids Obsidian

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💝Made From Crystal And Semi-Precious Stones This Blue Crystal Pyramid Brings The Blessing Of Lord Shiva At Home And Office Helps You Make Great Decision.

💝One Of The Most Effective Stone For Healing. Also, Excellent Stone For Diplomats, Negotiators, And Businesses People. It Is Used For All Type Of Severe Pain, Anger, Fear, Anxiety. Inspire And Encourage Meditation, Selfless Giving, And Service To Humanity.

💝The Power Of This Crystal Pyramid Can Produce Massive Positive Energy And Balance You Internally. And Help You Bring Positive Energy To Your Office Space.

💝Keep This Pyramid In Your Home Or Office Space To Bring In Spiritual Insights Coupled With Intellectual Reasoning.

💝Can Be Used For Meditation, Fengshui, Paperweight, Healing, Vastu, and Gifting


💝What you will get: 1 * Orgonite Pyramids Obsidian

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