Outdoor Quick Emergency Tourniquet


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3PCS Tourniquet Rapid One Hand Application Emergency Outdoor First Aid Kit New

⚡Outdoor Quick Emergency Tourniquet⚡

The rotating tourniquet is a powerful assistant for self-help and mutual assistance. It is fast and can stop bleeding in a few seconds; even without a comrade or medical assistant, it can be operated by soldiers to stop bleeding quickly

【Quick to Use】

Life-saving equipment includes stand-alone equipment including winches and pre-marked time stamps. Tourniquets can stop bleeding and save lives in emergencies or trauma. Rotating tourniquet hemostasis is suitable for arterial bleeding in extremities.

【Durable and Lightweight】

Very suitable for family or car emergency kits, hiking or hunting backpacks, etc.

【Adjustable Size】

Fits most people's hands and strong thighs. It relies on a strong contraction force to quickly compress blood vessels, thereby achieving the effect of blocking continuous blood flow

【Easy to Save】

The compact size is easy to carry, can be put in a backpack, can be washed and reused

【CAT Tourniquet】

Rotating military tourniquet, tactical arterial emergency tourniquet, one-handed operation, simple and practical, arteriovenous emergency tourniquet, good hemostasis effect

【Operation Method】

  1. The tourniquet is placed 5-250px above the wound and inserted into the buckle loop around the limb
  2. Tighten the self-adhesive tape, stick it in the opposite direction, and turn the wringer until the bleeding stops
  3. Clamp the twisted rod into the fixing clip, after the excess self-adhesive tape continues to be wound, seal it with the fixing tape, and record the hemostatic time
  4. Action essentials: "one winding, two pulling, three twisting, four fixing"


CAT tourniquet, spinning military tourniquet, tactical arterial emergency tourniquet
One-handed operation, simple and practical
Arteriovenous emergency stop bleeding and hemostasis effect is good.
Can be customized according to user requirements without trademark, neutral, logo, OEM and packaging.


Colour: Black
Quantity: 3 pieces
Length: 37.2inch
Width: 1.5inch

【Package Included】

3* tourniquet

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