1 Pair of Shoe Shield Shoe toe Wrinkle Protection Pad


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1 Pair Shoe Shields Sneaker Toe Crease Protector Support Anti-wrinkle Care

⚡1 Pair of Shoe Shield Shoe toe Wrinkle Protection Pad⚡

Shoe shield sports shoe shield toe anti-crease support anti-crease care

【High-Quality Materials】

The shoe crease protective layer is made of PE and TPR materials, which can ensure strong hardness, and make the shoe cover resistant to low temperature, elasticity and washing, practical and easy to use

【Non- Crease Sneakers】

Say goodbye to the toe crease of your favorite shoe! The sneaker shield not only keeps your brand new sneakers in a new look, but also restores and improves the old look

【Easy Cutting】

It is made of high-quality PE and TPR to ensure firm hardness. Using auxiliary cutting lines, if some shoes are not completely suitable, you can also adjust them as needed

【Comfortable and Easy to Use】

Perfectly fit most shoes. When wearing shoes, easily put them in and put them inside. They are the perfect size and can be adjusted, so you will hardly notice them even there!

【Humanized Design】

Each shoe cover is designed with 27 ventilation holes to help keep the shoes dry and breathable, avoiding heat and humidity. Shoe covers can prolong the service life and improve the appearance of sports shoes.

【Adjust Crop】

If some shoes are not perfect, you can also adjust them as needed. Before using the shoe cover, first remove the original insole, then put in the shoe cover, and finally put in the insole. For most sports shoes, they will be perfect. If the size is not acceptable, you can also cut it yourself.

【How to Use】

1. Remove the insole from the shoe
2. Place an anti-wrinkle shield in front of the shoes
3. Put the insole back to fix the anti-wrinkle cover of the shoe


Type: shoe shield size 40-47
Style: classic, stylish, multifunctional
Colour: Black
Specification: Men's
Function: toe cap anti-crease protection
Size: 5.71*5.31inch

【Package Included】

1 pair of shoes anti-crease protective sleeve